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At Bella Forever, we sell natural clay face masks, powder-based, that are made using only pure clays and essential oils. They can be used by everyone and even pregnant women as they are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, and are vegan and cruelty-free.

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Real Results
Magda using Bella Forever

I have been using the Baby Belle face mask and I have to say that its the best face mask I have ever used!!! It made my skin look much clearer and healthy!!!!

Madzia Maślanka
Nadia using Baby Belle

I have tried this mask and my skin is glowing and I can see there is no more acne on my face I would highly recommend this.

Nazia Kashif
Daniela Ferrero using Bella Forever

I just tried the Yellow Bird Mask ! The turmeric is amazing as my skin looked so bright after! I love it and can’t wait to do it again 😘

Daniela Ferrero
Alison Kimberlin using Bella Forever

Loved getting that spa experience at home with my daughter. she really enjoyed it and it gave us some well needed mother daughter time. skin feels amazing!! thank you 😊

Alison Kimberlin
Stella Vicari using Bella Forever

I tried the baby belle and I loved it! 😍 My skin is PROPER bright and fresh! The result is awesome 👌🏼 Easy to make and easy to remove. I’ll definitely use it again!

Stella Vicari
Laura Prioletti using Bella Forever

Amazing face mask! I have the mint cooler which smells amazing but also the amount of powder you need for a face mask means this pot will last forever!! Such an amazing purchase 😍😍 Thank you Bella forever! You shall certainly be keeping my face beautiful forever!!

Laura Prioletti
Clare Suzanne using Bella Forever

This product is everything it claims to be! Absolutely love my new clear skin. Thank you Bella forever – 5 stars *****

Clare Suzanne
Tiffany Shears using Bella Forever

I used the mint one and it felt so good!

Tiffany Shears
Emily Kate Hanks

 I love that they are gentle enough on skin for my child to be able to join in with using them too.

Emily Kate Hanks
Rachel Todd Using Bella Forever

I tried out the Baby Belle clay mask. Liked that is it 100% Natural ingredients. Easy to mix and apply then dries to clay but easy to remove. Skin felt clear after so recommended this!!

Rachel Todd

I like how masks make a difference to my face and how it improves my skin and make it look more fresh and glowy

Humnah Zamir

I love how they leave me feeling pampered they smell so good and my skin looks and feels so much softer and smooth Casey Alice you would love these. I’ll apply yours and you mine we can pretend we’re on a Hawaiian holiday having treatments

Hayley Amber

I love the fact that they feel like a real pamper and that they are helping my skin.

Gillian Kelly

♥️ the fact that all.your products are free of parabens, artificial fragrances, fillers, petroleum derivatives, skin-aging toxins, and carcinogens. I’m impressed companies like yours are moving forward and offering products that are Cruelty free + vegan friendly. 

Louise Ward

I love the fact that in all of your amazing face masks the ingredients are all natural. My skin is always glowing, dewy & it helps to prevent breakouts. I would highly recommend your face masks to anyone who has any issues/breakouts. Your makeup just glides on after i have used one of your masks.

Jennifer Thomson

I love your masks properties, the texture of my skinface is absolutely extraordinary after only one application. Bella Forever is part of my beauty routine. Keep it up!

Elisabeth Judith Rinaldi

All natural ingredients is fab knowing there’s no harmful additives can only mean it’s the best for your skin.

Wendy Aynsley

I really adore that they are organic, without all the harmful bits and bobs that do more damage than good to your skin…I will always choose pure and organic over anything! That’s why I love you 😀 The black velvet for acne prone skin is perfect for me, and helps amazingly! I would be over the moon to win a years supply of your masks…best gift ever! Thanks for being a pure, and caring company. Xxxx Sajjad Qaisar my husband loves using your products too! Couples therapy hahaha xxx

Gemma W Qasim

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