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Perfect, I'm very satisfied
Elizabeth R. - avatar Elizabeth R.

I loved it. So good for my sensitive skin. I could see the results after 3 applications. I got the application set and it made it easier to apply the powder. It is also nice to prepare your own face mask. 5 stars xxx
Nupur - avatar Nupur

Amazing face mask one of the best I have tried leaves my skin feeling amazing!
Abbey a - avatar Abbey a

It's so good for acne and blackheads as the green clay helps to detoxify the skin. I use it 3 times a week. It is really good!
Alberto - avatar Alberto

I had acne and blackheads and this mask helped me a lot. It is different from a peel off one and it is NOT PAINFUL at all! It can be removed easily with water. Amazing!
Lorenzo - avatar Lorenzo

OMG. It smells so good. I want to eat it everytime I try it. Skin is so soft. My skin was so dry but after 3 face masks, it was soft and smooth. Perfect face mask!
Annalisa - avatar Annalisa

Made with sage essential oil! It smells so good. Face feels fresh. Skin is so clean after using it. Best mask I ever used! And never expires so not worried about using it.
Siria - avatar Siria

If you have oily skin, this face mask is for you! it helped me a lot. Absolutely amazing!
Arianna - avatar Arianna

It's so rare to find purple pay online and this mask is so good. It is anti ageing and I straight away noticed a difference! Love it!
Lisa - avatar Lisa

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