Rose Bellini Cleanser
Rose Bellini Cleanser
£13.99   £10.00

Rose Bellini Cleanser

£13.99 £10.00

(29 customer reviews)

Cleanser & Make-up Remover

An effective skin care routine starts with clean and refreshed skin. But before buying a facial cleanser, you need to ensure they are made using natural and organic ingredients so they don’t cause underlying damage to skin. The Rose Bellini Cleanser is exactly what you are looking for! Made of natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients, you can rest assured the Rose Bellini Cleanse won’t cause any harm to your skin as it is free from any component that could do the slightest bit of damage. Formulated in such a way that only 5 ingredients have been used in this cleanser!

100 ml / 3.5 oz

  • Natural, Organic & Cruelty Free
  • Max 5 Ingredients
  • Every ingredient supports your skin health
  • Reusable and recyclable glass jar
  • Handmade by Annabella

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Ingredients: Rosa Damascena Floral Water, Glycerin, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Limonene, Eugenol, Citronellol, Geraniol, Linalool, Citral, Farnesol

Purifies Skin

Without proper cleansing, you run the risk of clogging pores, which can lead to unsightly blackheads and blemishes. Use this cleanser on a regular basis to cleanse the impurities, environmental pollutants, makeup, sunscreen, excess oil, and dirt that tend to accumulate on the surface of the skin.

Brighter Skin

Your skin tends to look dull and lifeless if it isn’t cleansed thoroughly. It could lead to ugly breakouts as well. Rose Bellini when used regularly combats acne and imparts a natural radiance to your skin.

Moisturises Skin

The Rose Bellini cleanser is great when it comes to moisturizing the skin without giving it a greasy feel, so even those with an oily complexion can safely use this cleanser.  Don’t worry if your skin looks flaky and dry in the past few days; the rose water ensures your skin becomes soft and smooth.

Refreshing Fragrance

Due to the organic rose water used in this cleanser, you get a lovely whiff of rose petals the moment you open the lid. Moreover, the same aroma remains on your skin after you have applied it on your face.

How to Apply: Just pour some on a cotton ball, wipe your face and neck thoroughly, and your skin feels fresh immediately.


29 reviews for Rose Bellini Cleanser

  1. Louise

    This cleanser removes all my make up – it smells so good and I love that it’s all natural x

  2. Becky

    Leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. Smells lovely too

  3. Ester

    This is the best product that actually helped my skin glow.

  4. Fraser

    I have bought this product numerous times and it’s brilliant. It doesn’t dry out my skin.

  5. Rachel

    Leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. Smells lovely too

  6. Charlie

    I have very sensitive, problematic skin so when a friend recommended this product I decided to give it a go! I’m so glad I did!I’ve been using it for a week and my skin looks less red and the most clear it’s been in a long time. I love using products with rose as it’s amazing for sensitive skin so I can’t wait to try the rest of this range!

  7. Louise

    I bought this along with the witch hazel toner, moisturiser and facial mist. It’s a great affordable cleanser and the whole rose water range is really nice on the skin especially sensitive skin.

  8. Terry

    This cleanser is great for those with sensitive skin

  9. Daniela

    These products make my skin feel so soft! and removes makeup like a dream.

  10. Kate

    Been using this for about a month and my skin feels so fresh after each use!! Love it

  11. Brittany

    It’s so soothing on skin and my skin was soft after using

  12. Emma

    Love using this it smells lovely not to strong…keeps face clean and refreshed

  13. Michael

    Smells beautiful, left my skin feeling really soft and lovely and cleansed really would recommend this item as I have sensitive skin had no bad reactions. will be using it as my new facial products.

  14. Alessia

    Absolutely amazing!

  15. Fozi


  16. Kate

    I love it as it removes all my makeup!

  17. Elen

    This is a great cleanser – i love rose water!

  18. Nicky

    Great cleanser!

  19. Elena

    It is a great cleanser and removes oil and dirt !

  20. Gilly

    Really enjoyed using this cleanser. Removed all my makeup & left my skin feeling soft & hydrated

  21. Debbie

    It is an amazing product to cleanse your face after removing the tough make up.

  22. Serena

    Smells beautiful, left my skin feeling really soft and lovely and cleansed really would recommend this item as I have sensitive skin had no bad reactions.

  23. Bea

    It so soothing on skin and my skin was soft after using…

  24. Clare

    Great cleanser – i bought it with the toner – use it every morning – it’s good!

  25. Carol

    This is a great cleanser – gets rid of all my make up!

  26. Beth

    I have acne and it does not hurt at all! Highly recommend!

  27. Dawn

    I have recommended this wonderful cleanser to my friend. It is one of the – if not, the best – facial cleanser I’ve ever used. It works wonders for my skin and does not leave my skin irritated or rashy.

  28. Elizabeth

    I love this cleanser, incredibly gentle. I have difficult skin and this works a treat, so gentle, and helps clear things up. I always go back to it.

  29. Terry

    Well it’s true – i have rosacea and this cleanser + rose martini cream helped a lot. Defo recommend!

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