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Chocolate Kiss


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Chocolate Face Mask

Chocolate Kiss is a chocolate face mask that is used to repair skin cells and extract impurities. Suitable for all skin types and in particular for dry and sensitive ones, it helps reduce skin inflammation, thanks to cocoa powder. White Clay, Cocoa, Essential Oil of Tea Tree, a perfect mix to reduce the swelling of the face and illuminate it. A perfect moisturizing mask for those with dry or delicate skin.

Helps with: Dry & Irritated Skin

Size: 50 gr for 10 applications

100% Natural & Organic, Vegan & Cruelty Free

Paraben Free – Handmade in the UK

Out of stock

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Brighten up and even out your skin tone with Chocolate Face Mask – An organic blend of Cocoa Powder, White Clay, and Tea Tree essential oil

Chocolate Kiss Face Mask kisses your pores with the softness and lavishness of cocoa. The all-natural and organic blend brightens up your skin, evens out the skin tone, and makes your skin more elastic and tender. Let’s see what you can do with the chocolate kiss –

Extra soft and lavish: All the ingredients – cocoa, white clay, vanilla, tea tree – remain soft and tender on your skin. The reason why it’s the best choice for dry and delicate skin types.
Look young + beautiful: Once used by the Aztecs. The anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties of Cocoa are second to none. Its vitamin E content produces collagen, evens out the complexion, improves elasticity, and protects your skin from UV rays.
Brighten up your skin tone: White clay removes the dirt, toxins, dead skin cells, etc. Improving blood flow and creating space for essential oils and vanilla – which help even out your skin tone and make you glow.
Hydrate and exfoliate: Tea tree oil smooths and clears your skin.
Quick results: You will feel the difference in as little as a few applications.

What’s more?

You will be enthralled with the scent of cocoa and essential oils. Every single time you apply this face mask. As a result of which – you may crave some chocolate feast. Otherwise improving your mood in mysterious ways.
Get your Chocolate Kiss today.

INCI: White Clay (Kaolin), Organic Cocoa Powder, Melaleuca Alternafolia (Tea Tree).

How to use ( 1 Face Mask )
Wash your face as you normally would. Shake the jar
Put 1 tsp of dry mask in a small bowl and add 1 tsp of water.
Mix until you have a nice paste and apply evenly over face and neck.
Leave on until dry (about 10-15 minutes), then rinse with warm water.
Follow with your favourite astringent and moisturiser.

Most Asked Questions

A 50 gr jar of dry face mask will last approximately 10-12 applications; all our masks do not expire because they don’t contain liquid ingredients or any preservative.

Our powdered face masks contain dry ingredients that need to be activated by mixing them with water or any other liquid as suggested in our beauty recipes. As a result the powder can stay stable for longer and does not need preservatives, making it a safer alternative for the skin. Liquid masks are already activated and need to be used quickly after opening. The powder not only cleanses the skin but also nourishes and moisturises it. Powdered face masks can be used for every skin type. And don’t forget that mixing a powdered face mask with water, oil or honey gives you the satisfaction of preparing your own beauty recipe at home.

Our Face Mask is great for sensitive skin. This means you can use it up to 3 times per week!



59 reviews for Chocolate Kiss

  1. Annalisa

    OMG. It smells so good. I want to eat it everytime I try it. Skin is so soft. My skin was so dry but after 3 face masks, it was soft and smooth. Perfect face mask!

  2. tara

    Have nothing to say! It’s perfect love it! And it smells really nice!

  3. george

    Everyday after using this mask I have woken up in the morning and looking at my face to see the difference and trust me, every time I do so it gets better, its hard to believe but my spots have shrunk so much that they are barely visible and the redness has gone away! I

  4. tasha

    I would totally recommend this for people with spot prone skin! Because that is me! I am only just a teenager but I have used so many products that are just rubbish and full of chemicals

  5. Sydne

    It’s already made a difference to my skin. I would definitely buy this product again in a heart beat

  6. tanya

    I adore this face mask! You only need to use a small amount each time so it lasts for quite a while! Could see the difference in my skin after just a few uses!

  7. tatianna

    Always leaves me skin feeling clean and soft! My favourite face mask for sure! If you’re looking for something to help battle spots then this is definitely for you!

  8. tammi

    ot this product as a free sample about two weeks ago and fell in love with it! On the first use the smell was really nice, it had a strong vanilla/chocolate smell which for me smelt really nice, and left my skin feeling really cool.

  9. vita

    Since using this product I can already see the results on my skin, my skin tone is more even and the darkness under my eyes has nearly all gone! I am going to be buying this product again for sure, it’s a must have.

  10. pixie

    I love this mask, great for a refresh after a hard, groggy day or when your skin looks dull.

  11. creamy

    Really, really good price. You need to use it more than a couple of times to notice a difference. Also it smells lovely.

  12. kirstie

    I have been using this product once a week for a few months now. I love the smell, and also love how once you apply the mask it cools your skin and makes it tingle. When I remove the mask, my skin feels really clean, tight and soft.

  13. ashley

    Overall a really great product! 🙂

  14. valary

    This face mask is amazing, I cannot recommend it enough! I always look forward to using this and I will defiantly be buying another pot when I run out, it has lasted me for ages and when I use it in the morning it really wakes me up its so refreshing

  15. vanessa

    smells lovely and leaves me with really soft skin and most of all this product has helped to give me clearer skin. 🙂

  16. blanche

    I loved this the moment i put it on my skin! No where near as harsh as other face masks i have used and does a far far better job.

  17. chloe

    I adored this product, I will always repurchase this, I have been using it for a week and can already see the results that it has on my skin!

  18. chloe

    I adored this product, I have been using it for a week and can already see the results that it has on my skin!

  19. willa

    It’s smells chocolate, which is fabulous. I hope that they bring more products out that smell like this.

  20. violet

    I noticed the effects of this almost immediately. It helped the colour of my skin become more even and reduced some of the red patches.

  21. kate


  22. lindy

    I absolutely love this mask. I have dry skin but the mask leaves my skin supple and bright. I am on the 3rd pot and don’t intend changing it ever!

  23. rylee

    I love this mask!!!It smells great and my skin is sooo smooth. Definitely will buy again.

  24. katie

    It is the best fresh mask I have tried. It makes my skin so smooth and clean!!

  25. gardenia

    I recommend this mask to all my friends and family and they’ve all tried it and fell in love with it too. Not one single complain about it.

  26. kathleen

    This face mask is my hero!

  27. erica

    I would definitely recommend this product if you love a invigorating smell and a skin reawakening!!

  28. fay

    It made me and my skin feel full of energy after I used it! Really nice mask!

  29. tammi

    Where do I begin? This facemask is by far the best one I have ever used!

  30. megan

    Every time I have used this, my skin is noticeably clearer and feels SO soft. I’d recommend it to anyone 🙂

  31. oliwia

    My new go to face mask! My face has a tendency to look dull, tired and grey at the end of a week and I always want something to give it that glow again!

  32. erykah

    it leaves my skin soft and supple refreshed and feeling amazing I can not believe how good this is I’m hooked and this is now a staple part of my beauty routine buy this product you won’t be disappointed

  33. stephanie

    this is my second fav product in all areas would give more stars if I could highly recommend love the smell love the colour

  34. yuri

    Love this mask, leaves my skin super smooth!

  35. pixie

    this smelt amazing, was confortable, easy to wash off and left my skin soft and fresh and younger looking… will definately be trying other bellaforever facemasks now….thank you bella!

  36. uishia

    I love this face mask. It leaves my face soft, brightens my skin, and the exfoliant feels lovely when washing off the mask. It removes oil whilst at the same time moisturises, and not to mention it smells wonderful. Would definitely recommend!

  37. haze

    I know that lots of people who have dry skin have used this but it was really good with my oily skin. My skin cleared up well after my period, I will be adding this mask to rotation of face masks.

  38. serra

    Makes my skin feel and look great!

  39. greta

    really really recommend it but if you aren’t sure if this one is right for you chat online with them and tell them your skin type and they’ll let you choose the best for you.

  40. giada

    its a lovely brown colour and makes your skin lovely and soft its the smell for me its take a little while to get used to

  41. jay

    I have been using this product for almost 2 months now. My face had red smalls bumps. My face is truly clearing up. Use this product for like (3) times a week it depends on my face. I have been taking pictures before and after. I will order another mask and keep on using this product and it work my black rings around my eyes are gone

  42. harris

    i love this product, I first saw it while surfing through Instagram, and it caught my attention, so I ended up ordering, and so glad I did, even in my 40’s, I still get breakouts, the mask literally helped clear up my acne, and faded a few scars I had o. My face, noticing changes everytime I use. This product is officially my go to, and its apart of my daily facial routine, I will admit, I sometimes use the mask everyday, I love it that much!!

  43. gracey

    Hello, I just want to know and need assurance if this is a perfect product for my skin problem. I have been searching a lot of products and used different once to find the right solution for my everyday remedies but it seems like I can never find the right products. I hope I get the answer and this is a product I need for my skin since I have seen a lot of good reviews of this product. Sincerely, Gracey

    • annabella

      Hi gracey, if you are concerned about your sensitive skin, I must say that this is ideal for you. Please message us and we will help you choose the best face mask for you!

  44. lanaa

    wasn’t really sure if this product was working when I first got it, but when I stopped for a while I noticed my skin was going a bit blotchy again so started using the mask again and my skin was clearing up within days…

  45. valary

    i’m onto my third order now of this and and have no plans of stop using it. I’ve even got a few girlfriends onto it and they love it just as much. I have quite sensitive skin so I’m really happy that I’ve finally found a product that truely works. 🙂 🙂

  46. cassie

    Useing this had helped my oily skin. the mask actually gets rid of my pores, such a nice feeling after i have masked!

  47. rachel

    Got this for my firend for her bday, after i heard her review i had to get them for my slef! so nice!

  48. gillian

    the smell is so goooooood

  49. laila

    Can t even tell you how awesome these products are. Best face mask I have ever used!

  50. breana

    Skin is so soft and bright. Definitely recommend this product. I have normal skin and use both weekly.

  51. amelia

    Seriously amazing stuff i got incredible results after the first application I can’t imagine my life with out it